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Palace – Dirt On Me (@thisispalace)

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New Money – March Madness

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M.A.J.O.R.S. – Dead Wrong

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R.E.V. Rob Featuring Frankie Montana & Reivon Alan – “Truth Music” Video (@revrob2007)

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As election day gets closer and closer here are important considerations for a Christian approach to this drama-filled election:

1. We must vote. Chuck Colson said, “It’s our duty, as citizens of the kingdom of God, to be the best citizens of the society we live in. To do that, we must vote.”

2. We must not separate our faith from our politics. God’s priorities must be ours.

3. We must be informed. The issues matter, and Christians should care enough to be informed voters.

4. We must value life, marriage and religious liberty. These issues will shape candidates’ views on everything else.

5. We must care about the down ticket choices! Most gains in the pro-life movement and most losses in religious liberty happen at the municipal and state levels. Know what races and initiatives are at stake in your state.

6. We must not fall for the political illusion. Politics is almost always downstream from culture. The outcomes of this election should leave us neither optimistic nor despairing.

We pray the list above is helpful as you head to the voting booth on November 8th.

6 Things to remember on Election Day!

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Rap trio GA3 is set to release their second full-length album, Unusual Suspects, on Friday, October 21, 2016. The album will feature the popular singles “Feetwork” and “Grateful” as well as production from Nathional of the Artistic Universe.

This project is the follow up to the group’s debut album, Alternative Lifestyle, which was released in 2013. Unusual Suspects will give listeners a piece of GA3 that might be unfamiliar. The project is experimental in many ways; it’s fun, gritty, engaging and thought provoking.

“Alternative Lifestyle was all about the ups and downs that we face and in many ways it was dark. We wanted to do something different with Unusual Suspects and just have fun,” says GA3 front man D Nell. “This record is a lot more upbeat and well rounded.” Producer, Nathional, had this to add; “the sound that we’ve created is our own. We aren’t trying to be like anyone else, we’re just making music that we think is dope and that glorifies God.”

Listen to ” Unusual Suspects”


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GA3 reveals Unusual Suspects release details + album stream (@GideonsArmy_GA)

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This is the first project from newly signed I’M DOIN’ JESUS artist Palace! This FREE Mixtape will encourage you and inspire you!

He tackles some very tough subjects and when you hear the project you will see that he even challenges himself. Prepare to be surprised and challenged at the same time!

The Mixtape is full of features including Bryann Trejo, GS, & Dee Black among others. Palace truly delivers the message across the whole project. This is a must have mixtape for everyone’s decks!


Watch The First Single “Dirt On Me”


Free Download Available Here!

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Palace drops “Ain’t No Compromise In Me” on I’m Doin’ Jesus!

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