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[Ministry] Divine Direction by Charles Russell


The Bible is known for some of the greatest analogies. The scriptures have layers of revelation that continue to edify the reader. One in particular that I find intriguing is the parable of the sower in Matthew 13. In this parable, sowing seed is used to convey such a deeper revelation about the condition of men’s heart. The soil typified the heart and growth was predicated upon it’s condition.

Acts 9 deals with the conversion of Saul on the road to Damascus. While walking, a light shines from Heaven and blinds Saul. It is here where we JESUS tells Saul that “It is hard for thee to kick against the pricks.” To understand The Lord’s statement, we must understand the time period and what he meant by the “pricks.” An ox goad is a sharp ended instrument used to prick the ox to get the ox to plow the soil. When an ox would kick back against the pricks in rebellion, the ox goad would be driven deeper into his flesh. Essentially,JESUS was telling Saul that his resistance was only going to cause him more pain because he had been chosen to minister The Gospel unto the Gentiles.

Looking deeper into the context we can see another revelation. Typically soil is plowed prior to seed being sown. Plowing turns up the soil which helps to bury drop residue and weeds while softening up the soil. When we are chosen as sowers the Lord is trying to push us in the right direction to plow the soil for sowing seed. Often the soil needs to be prepped to receive. We can do this by making sure that we are not only preaching the Word but also adhering to it and living it. The LORD will chasten his children in order to equip us with the temperance, long suffering, patience, and boldness required to be effective in sowing. These pricks should not be met with resistance and should be received as divine direction.

Let HIM guide you.

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